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Whitetail Deer Farming Business Plans

Deer farming is a business with many considerations. No two farms are the same. We recommend visits to other deer farm operations before you start planning your layout. Deer must be from an licensed facility to be transported.

Your largest expense is in fencing, inspections are conducted yearly and before license are issued.

Fencing Requirements are: 8 foot high New Zealand style or equivalent woven wire 12.5 gauge minimum tensile with locking knots with no more than 6 inch spacing.

Perimeter fencing shall be adequate to prevent escape and withstand expected occurrences such as high winds.

Corner posts should be 6 inch round or equivalent and properly braced, line posts 4 inch or metal T Posts or equivalents. Trees that may threaten the fence should be removed and a 5-foot clearing should be maintained around perimeter. Posts need to be set in dips and on crowns or humps. Bottom strand of fence should be at ground level. Gates need to have functional locks.

Minimum size is 5,000 square feet for one animal and increased 25% for each additional animal.

Deer farming is regulated by W. Va. Code Title 58 Series 63 & 64

Applications can be downloaded from the Department Of Agriculture website. Agriculture > Forms > Animal Health

Captive Cervid Facility License

A business license must be acquired from the Secretary of State’s Office. Online:

Consider a name that reflects your primary business (animal production) most farms have Whitetail(s) in their name.

Purchasing stock is one of the last (but certainly not least) steps in beginning your operation. Be sure to attain the records on genetics. Know the diet, if you are planning to feed a textured feed and your new deer are accustom to a pellet it is recommended to wean them over to the new feed over the course of several days or a week.

The final phase of beginning your operation will be the safe transport of livestock form the point of origin to your destination. Moving deer must be done with calmness, care, quiet, and common sense. Also requires authorization, move request are generally granted within a day or so.

Have a health care program plan in place. You will need to purchase a dart gun for administering medications and anesthetizing deer for veterinary care. Work with your veterinarian to obtain the required medications, its important to have and be familiar with necessary medications before they are needed options of immobilization drugs, antibiotics, vitamin supplements to name a few. We have a form by request for the “veterinarian report” for your files.

Find out more about deer farming.

Visit a few deer farms.

Shelters placement, water source and feed options not to mention what breeding stock may be available. Tips on fencing and sources too.

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