West Virginia Deer Farmers Association, Inc.

The West Virginia Deer Farmer's Association is a non-profit group around the state of WV who come together to promote the agricultural business of raising and marketing farm raised deer.
WVDFA provides educational support to members of the association and the public that are interested in deer farming.  

WVDFA serves as a collective voice in government issues that affect deer farms to enhance the alternative livestock industry.

Deer farms aren't just for breeding purposes or hunting preserves, many of the products you purchase from scents to jerky come from deer farms.

If interested in becoming a deer farmer or visiting a local farm, feel free to contact a WVDFA member.  

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 The WVDFA is here to help

If you need assistance please let us know, our members are compassionate and eager to help you in your endeavor as a deer farmer.

The WVDFA offers both voting and non-voting memberships

The WVDFA offers both voting and non-voting memberships to anyone that wants to belong to the association. We strive to provide information and discussion of deer farming and share high ethical standards in care, handling, and harvesting. Educating the public and West Virginia deer farmers about deer farming laws and best practices for raising whitetails, elk and other cervid in the mountain state.

The WV Deer Farmers Association was founded as a 501C(6) non-profit organization.